Museum philosophy

Museums are great! Unfortunately, they are not big enough to display all the interesting works… Many artists face negative responses when trying to exhibit their paintings, sculptures or talents on stage. At Art Vagabond, we firmly believe that every work deserves to be seen by an audience. While a few artists manage to find a venue for their artworks, many of them become discouraged and resign themselves to putting them away in a closet, before giving up. The selection criteria of museums, artistic committees and others, concerning the artworks, remain necessarily subjective and are totally relative to current social and artistic values. When you think about it, maybe today’s well-known artists wouldn’t have been popular a few decades ago (or even a few years). This does not mean that their works would have been devoid of interest. In addition, a work considered beautiful in one country may be completely uninteresting or even unacceptable in another country. “Good, bad, ugly, incredible, revolting, touching, tasteless…” Who is the right judge?

This is why we believe that somehow we should focus on having fun with the arts. Our mission is therefore, simply, to allow as many artists as possible to show the works they have created and to share their passions and inspirations with others.

Finally, we hope that the members will be respectful towards all the other artists present on this site. Keep in mind that what makes the arts so interesting is that we all have different methods, beliefs, and ideas about our artistic approach!