Can visitors (not members) place works on artvagabond.ca? No, they can’t. Only members can do this.

Can visitors (and not members) comment on members’ works? No, they can’t. Only members can do this.

How can I become a member? You must register at Artvagabond.ca.

How much does it cost to become a member? Registration is free for the first 100 members (1st year). Thereafter, the cost will be $20/year.

Can I become a member even if I do not reside in Canada? Of course, you can register anywhere in the world!

What kind of artwork can I place on my profile? All styles / talents are encouraged. Keep in mind, however, that this site is for people 13 years of age and over, so please do not place works intended for adult audiences only. In addition, no offensive work will be tolerated.

Can my children under the age of 13 register on the site? Yes, but you are responsible for the consequences associated with it. Also, since the works sometimes need to be explained and since discussions between members may arise, we ask you to accompany them on this site.

Can I sell my artwork through this site? This is not the function of Artvagabond at this time.

I am not a member, but I would like to contribute to the success of Artvagabond. Is it possible to do this? Yes, you can go to the “cloakroom” tab, where voluntary contributions are accepted.

Can I show my artwork to my friends only on this site, and not to everyone on Artvagabond? Yes, your works can be shown publicly (everyone has access), only to members, only to your friends on Artvagabond, or it can also be only accessible by you.

I would like to create a group with friends. What are the possibilities? There are three options for groups: public (all site members can join this group), private (only members who have requested and obtained permission to join the group can join) or hidden (only invited users can join the group (the group will not appear in the groups directory or in search results).

What is the size limit for my videos? For now, the limit is set at 128 mb for each video. You can upload them directly to your profile, on the video tab. However, since the videos can be larger, you can also simply indicate the link of one of your videos already present on another platform (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.), in the timeline of your profile.

Are there any interactive projects on Artvagabond? Yes, if you would like to participate in a monthly Artvagabond exhibit (renewed monthly), click on Monthly Exhibit in the main menu. Please feel free to suggest topics that inspire you for the coming months at info@artvagabond.ca!

Is it possible to request feedback from other members about my artworks? Yes, if you just want to receive feedback for one of your works, or if you have unfinished works for which you would like to receive advice or even establish a collaboration, place them in the workshop, in the main menu. Indicate what exactly you are looking for from the Artvagabond community by placing your work there. Members may be able to help you develop your project!

Is it possible to receive an email when activities related to my profile take place? Yes, and it is also possible to manage the types of notifications you want to receive by email.

Is there a moderation system on this site? Yes, when a work receives five notifications (“reports”) from members, it can be removed from the site. In addition, when a member is blocked by five other members, they can be excluded from the ArtVagabond.ca community.